Welcome to Sierra County

From the Hot Springs and Healing Waters of Truth or Consequences, to the Rio Grande and Elephant Butte Lake, to Spaceport America, and far too many Historic Ghost Towns to mention, TEAM RICHARDS is very proud to call Sierra County New Mexico HOME!

Our small community hosts hundreds of thousands visitors each year, so we invite you to lodge, dine, and shop while you are here for training. We have our local favorites, but we encourage you to discover your own.

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USCCA - Born to Protect

TEAM RICHARDS is a proud USCCA Partner. We are also USCCA members and USCCA instructors. As responsibly armed citizens, committed to defending ourselves and our loved ones, we know USCCA protects us if we are ever involved in a justified shooting. We encourage you to explore USCCA and select a membership option that meets your needs. We believe. So should you. When your life may depend upon your gun, your freedom may depend upon USCCA.