NRA Pistol Instructor Certification

Certifying as a NRA Pistol Instructor is the first step in teaching concealed carry in New Mexico or in Texas (NMCCW or TXLTC). The NRA Instructor certification remains the “Gold Standard”, and is the most widely accepted firearms instructor credntial in the United States.

NRA Instructor Candidates are required to: attend classroom training and pass the Instructor-Led NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course; complete gun-handling evaluations on single-action and double-action revolvers, as well as semi-automatic handguns; and complete marksmanship qualification at 45-feet as part of the application process.

NRA Instructor Candidates apply for admission and qualify to attend BEFORE they are permitted to enter instructor training. Only after completing all pre-course requirements may Instructor Candidates attend the NRA Pistol Instructor Course with Basic Instructor Training.

ALL Instructor Candidates must successfully complete the following before they may attend the Pistol Instructor Course:

Instructor-Led NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course with a score of 90% or higher

45-foot qualification (20 rounds fired; 16/20 hits in a 6-inch spread within an 8" circle)

Gun-handling Eval (load, prepare to fire, de-cock/clear stoppage, unload) DA/SA Revolver and Semi-Auto Pistol

Pre-Course Questionnaire (Instructor Candidate Resume)

Contact NRA Training Counselor George Richards for more information or to schedule your required pre-course evaluations:


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