Deposits and Fees

We require a non-refundable deposit for each course offered, to ensure students remain true to their promise to themselves and to us. Firearms training is a commitment that requires personal accountability. Deposit payment guarantees a seat in class.

Student materials must be ordered and prepared well in advance of training. Non-refundable deposits ensure that these items are covered financially, should a student cancel or not attend as scheduled.

Deposits are due two weeks before each class. Please pay your deposit the day you enroll, if possible.

Students who do not pay deposits by the due date are removed from the roster and will not train. They are not permitted to enter the classroom, nor are they permitted to pay on the day of training.

Students who withdraw after the deposit due date, or who fail to attend class as scheduled, forfeit their deposit. Refunds are not offered to students who fail to keep their promises.

Student deposits are only refunded in the event a class is cancelled. In the event a class is cancelled, all student fees paid are refunded.

Student Deposit


Per Course

NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting

NRA Basic Range Safety Officer

Any Gunfighter Pistol Course

Any AR-15 Carbine Course

USCCA Women's Self-Defense and Handgun

Pay $50 Deposit

Student Deposit


Per Course

NRA Pistol Instructor Certification

NRA Chief RSO Certification

NRA PPITH Instructor

NRA PPOTH Instructor

NRA PPOTH Student (L-1 & L-2)

Pay $100 Deposit

USCCA - Born to Protect

TEAM RICHARDS is a proud USCCA Partner. We are also USCCA members and USCCA instructors. As responsibly armed citizens, committed to defending ourselves and our loved ones, we know USCCA protects us if we are ever involved in a justified shooting. We encourage you to explore USCCA and select a membership option that meets your needs. We believe. So should you. When your life may depend upon your gun, your freedom may depend upon USCCA.