Student Assessment

Firearms Experience*
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Providing this information is voluntary, but each field must be completed if a student chooses to submit an assessment. Any person who does not wish to complete the assessment may click here to return to the enrollment page.

We use the information on this page as a snapshot of student capabilities and experience, to help us understand where each student is in their personal learning journey with firearms. Please be honest about your experience.

Every student is different, and every student is motivated to train with firearms by different personal feelings and ideas regarding security, vulnerability, and capability; and by their moral and ethical convictions.

The information you provide helps us to understand where each student fits into a specific class, and to determine the middle-ground or baseline from which we can modify class presentation to help us better meet student needs.

We do not reshape or change the program of instruction, but we can tailor the way we present the class to address the needs of students - within reason. We also may orient the program to a specific set of needs, based upon the responses, experience, and expectations of a given group of students.

FOR ALL STUDENTS: please read through the following notes -

We do NOT permit hand-loaded or reloaded ammunition on our range. We also do not permit +P or +P+ ammunition on our range, regardless of the rating of your gun. Ammunition restrictions are not negotiable.

We ask that you provide us with the caliber of your firearm for all classes. We do not allow students to participate in RIFLE classes with 7.62, .308, or .30 caliber guns. Our rifle courses are specific to the AR-15 MSR (5.56/.223).

Students enrolling in NMCCW courses must use a caliber .32 or higher caliber gun to qualify for their permit. You may borrow a 9mm handgun from us to qualify, but you must purchase 200rds of 9mm ammunition.

Students participating in the NRA Defensive Pistol Shooting course should use a 9mm pistol or smaller firearm for qualification. Students using 9mm or .380 semi-automatic guns usually qualify on their first attempt. Over 70% of students using .40 or higher fail to qualify, regardless of the number of attempts to qualify.

Rifle training is specific to the AR-15 MSR platform. We do not train students on AK or PK rifle variants. We do not allow students to train with rifle calibers higher than 5.56/.223 or 9mm because higher caliber rounds may damage our steel targets. In no case will you be permitted to train with .308 or 7.62 ammo.

Team Richards of New Mexico specializes in GUN FIGHTING. We teach responsibly armed citizens how to fight and win with their firearms. Training with us involves a commitment to train beyond static square-range marksmanship and permit training for NMCCW or TXLTC.

There is great responsibility in keeping a lethal weapon for defensive use, including a primary responsibility TO YOURSELF - to know your gun and to know how to use it when your life is in danger. We take our responsibility in training you to use your firearm to prevail in a fight very seriously.

Our commitment to you ensures you have ample opportunity to train, including FREE repeat sessions of previous training. All we ask is for you to keep your promise to yourself: to train and become proficient with your gun, beyond plinking cans and bullseye shooting; to learn to control the outcome of a fight; and to program your mind and body to WIN!

USCCA - Born to Protect

TEAM RICHARDS is a proud USCCA Partner. We are also USCCA members and USCCA instructors. As responsibly armed citizens, committed to defending ourselves and our loved ones, we know USCCA protects us if we are ever involved in a justified shooting. We encourage you to explore USCCA and select a membership option that meets your needs. We believe. So should you. When your life may depend upon your gun, your freedom may depend upon USCCA.